A lovely breakfast is waiting for you with 

* homemade rottis & dosa, or pancackes 

* fresh bread with butter & jam

* fresh coconut sambol

* eggs

* fresh fruit juice

* choice of tea or coffee

Vegetarian/vegan or dietary requirements options are available, please contact us.

Leo's Café

Feeling the need of real Italian caffé? :-)

* espresso

* americano

* mocha

* latte and the vegan 'coconut latte'

* cappuccino

* great selection of cakes coming up for next season 

A selection of Italian vino is also available.

A fresh homemade juice?

* banana, papaya, pineapple or lime

* mixed

* carrot and ginger 

* carrot, ginger, apple 

* choice of detox waters

 * milkshakes


Lunch and dinner