Sameera is from Anuradhapura, he lived many years in Sigiriya and also 5 years in France before being dragged to Nilaveli :-) 

Really good cook, his Italian pasta is approved by mamma.


Anna is Italian, after years in England and France  she decided to leave the grey Parisian weather and her office job behind, she now enjoys teaching yoga, running the guest house and swimming.

Then you will meet little Leo :-)


We speak Italian, French, English, Sinhalese, Tamil.

The pets

Here is our lovely Pusa, the cat, and Bella, the dog.

Bella will probably follow you around and make a great guard at the beach, she loves cuddles.

Pusa loves sleeping all day on a chair and then sometimes join for a evening yoga class.


They are our only pets, please do not feed other animals unless you want to bring them home ;)